Japan’s PlayStation (PS3, PS4, PSVita) Game Releases – June 2014

On June 5th:

Japan gets the cross-generation shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS3/PS4) and a physical version of Rain, previously only available on the PlayStation Network. Meanwhile, both of Sony’s portables get a “The Best” (kind of like Greatest Hits) versions of Toukiden.

On June 12th:

PS3 and PS4 get Thief, which Square Enix has been advertising with deceptive use of Final Fantasy characters. PS3 alone gets the Ratchet & Clank Collection, renamed for Japan Ratchet & Clank Galaxy: Strongest Tri-Star Pack.

Vita and PS3 will share One Piece: Unlimited World-R, a video of which is below:

Also on the 12th, PS Vita gives RPG fans something to look forward to with The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki Evolution. This re-release of Ao no Kiseki includes more voice acting, touched-up visuals, new musical arrangements, a new minigame, and a few more side quests.

June 19th:

PS3 gets a pretty unique game called CV: Casting Voice (CV 〜キャスティングボイス〜), which simulates trying to land a job as a voice actor. This is a highly sought after job in Japan; it’s quite common to see voice actor credits featured prominently on game box art and within their trailers, sometimes even showing a picture of the voice actor. I sometimes judge junior high school speech contests, and you better believe I’ve heard my share of kids expressing their desire to become a famous voice actor. I wonder if any of the voice actors in this game are getting their first big break? That’d be kind of a funny story to have your voice acting breakthrough in a game about voice acting. Yo dawg….

You can also read parts for famous Namco Bandai characters. It’s unique, I’ll give it that.


Vita gamers get htoL#NiQ Hotaru no Nikki by Nippon Ichi, whose physical versions are available only in limited quantity. Rounding out this day’s lineup is Vita strategy title Sengoku Hime 4, pictured below and in the banner image at the top of this article.


On June 26th:

PS4 finally gets some more games, in the form of Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate and Watch_Dogs, the latter of which is shared with PS3. I expect sales for the two versions to be about the same, as PS4 owners are hungry for any kind of release, while PS3 has the much higher install base (in a land where graphics are the least important factor).

PS3 meanwhile gets a whole stack of games on that day, including Date-A-Live Arusu Install, Cross†Channel ~For all people~ (also on Vita), The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki Super Prize (shared with Vita); and new budget-priced versions of Grand Theft Auto V, ToHeart2 DX Plus, F1 2013, and Biohazard Revelations.

PSVita gets Freedom Wars, Robotics;Notes Elite (that semicolon is not a typo), but for me, the highlight Vita release will be Girls and Panzer, a trailer of which is below:

And there you go.

Any Japanese games you’re interested in next month? That’s why we have a comments thingy!