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Sony Santa Monica Possibly Hinting at New God of War Announcement at E3

Ready for more God of War? Earlier today, Sony Santa Monica’s official Twitter tweeted that “The Gods have spoken once again” and included the hashtag for E3, which could mean an announcement might be incoming at this year’s big event.

Of course, given that there was an earthquake at the time and the studio included the hashtag #earthquake in the tweet, could also mean this is nothing but a joke that some people might have interpreted incorrectly.

We’ve reached out to Sony to ask for a statement on the matter and will update the post if and when a reply comes.

Would you want another entry in the God of War franchise? If there is indeed one coming, let’s hope it answers some of the questions left unanswered in God of War III. And be prepared for it to include a multiplayer component since Sony has said that it was a “huge risk,” but that it paid off.