PSLS Sony E3 2014 Predictions

Earlier this week, we ran a feature on Sony’s most memorable E3 moments. Could Sony add yet another moment coming Monday? That’s where here to find out. The Electronic Entertainment Expositions (E3) is that time of year where the gaming world shifts their collective eyes towards Los Angeles, California for the biggest videogame event of the year. It’s one whole week of reveals, trailers, booth babes, and nerdy men all converging in one place to see what’s in store for videogames for the next few years.

And with that, here’s PlayStation LifeStyle’s Sony E3 2014 predictions as chosen by staff members. What games do we think will show up and shock the world, who will win E3, will Shu Yoshida tweet something amazing? OK, I will shut up and get to the predictions, lower your nerd torches!


PS4 Price Drop Might or Might Not Happen

Let’s just start off big with an announcement that would rock the Sony presser and send a flying heel kick towards the direction of Microsoft. Imagine Sony going up on stage and announcing that it will drop the price of the PlayStation 4 to to $349. Some staff members think this could be a reality and if this happens, it will effectively cancel some of the wind that Microsoft gained in their sails after dropping the Xbox One’s price.

If Sony wants to throw a punch to the gut to add to the heel kick, imagine that lower price and with the PS Eye included. These could both happen but we don’t really see that happening since the Ps4 is selling too well for Sony to even consider it — especially since its other divisions are bleeding money.

Vita TV US Release

Sure, the Vita TV hasn’t really flown off the shelves in Japan but then again, nothing outside of the Nintendo 3DS really has. So, with that in mind, we think Sony will (finally) announce that the Vita TV will be making it’s way to the US and it will be available later this year. It would ideally be a perfect fit to see release sometime around October. 


Familiar Faces Returning

Courtesy of our own Features Editor, Chandler Wood, he believes Sony will be resurrecting some of its beloved franchises back from the dead for a new game on the PS4. And you know what? Let’s hope it comes true.

Watch for the Yakuza

Even though SEGA has come out and said there are no plans to release Yakuza 5 or Yakuza Ishin in the United States, we think this was just a ruse to keep the big E3 reveal under wraps. At E3, we think (and hope) SEGA will take to the stage, say “just kidding”, and announced that both Yakuza 5 and Yakuza Ishin will be releasing on the PS4 in 2015. Despite everything that SEGA has said, the series has done rather well outside of Japan and Sony might want to capitalize this on its new-gen console.

Project Morpheus

Virtual Reality a la Sony

Here’s what could possibly be a safe prediction: Sony’s virtual reality headset Project Morpheus will make an appearance at the show. Even if it does make it, don’t expect anything more than maybe a sizzle reel for the device, a demo for a core game (that might be stretching it) or a release window and price point.

Exclusive Content Overload!

Exclusive content is a way of the industry, whether you like it or not so of course Sony will hit the stage with some exclusive stuff at their disposal. We suspect that Ubisoft will continue its partnership and will announce content exclusive to PlayStation consoles (The Division, anyone) and based on this leak, PlayStation gamers will be able to try Battlefield: Hardline’s beta earlier than other platforms.

the last guardian

The Elusive Guardian Shows Up

Is The Last Guardian still on your mind? Hopefully you still do, since we are calling it now and predict that it will make an appearance E3 2014, it will be for for the PS4, and will be re-revealed with a release date and trailer in hand. This could be the reason that Sony was so confident in pushing The Order back to 2015, making room for The Last Guardian to swoop in and have it’s time.

The Bear Comes Back Naughtier

In a twist that no one expected and happening at the end of the Sony Presser, 505 Games decides to ruin all good reveals by Sony and comes on stage to show Naughty Bear 2, exclusive to the PlayStation 4. A few people in the audience get excited but most people collectively face palm. Josh Fernandes comes back to write for PSLS on the day of it’s release just to write a review for it.


What’s your prediction and hopes for this year’s E3? Let us know in the comments.