Battlefield: Hardline Teaser Trailer Released by EA

In what could be seen as an odd move by EA, the publisher has released a new “teaser” trailer for Battlefield: Hardline. The trailer itself is live-action and doesn’t show a second of gameplay. Of course, that’s not really needed as we’ve already seen Hardline’s internal pitch, a leaked video showing off some elements of the multiplayer, and even its “Into the Jungle” official trailer which revealed the game’s release date.

We do see some interesting bits from the teaser, though. Items such as a stun gun, grappling hook, ballistic shield and whatnot seem to be making its way to BF: Hardline. There’s also lots of money involved, which might indicate that it will be used as some sort of in-game currency — possibly for Battlepacks or even leveling up.

For more on BF: Hardline, make sure to watch EA’s press conference happening later today (streamed live on PSLS).

Excited for a new Battlefield game or has Battlefield 4 left a bad taste in your mouth due to its bugs and instability issues?