Rainbow Six: Siege Beta Heavily Hinted by Ubisoft

Did you like Ubisoft’s reveal of Rainbox Six: Siege during its E3 media briefing? If so, you’ll be glad to know that you might be playing the game sooner than you think.

Speaking to TotalXbox at E3, Ubisoft producer Sebastien Labbe was asked about a beta program. And while the producer dodged the question a bit, he essentially confirmed that it will indeed happen at some point down the line.

Maybe a PR will kill me if I say so…What I can say is that for sure, we’re no different from the other online shooters. We want to be online – we’re providing a strong PVP game, and if we want that we need to create a community. So if we wait until the launch, I expect it will be too late.

Labbe adds that there certainly will be things that “will occur,” but he can’t talk about it at the moment since “it’s not clearly defined.” However, he does add that “certainly there will be some announcements about that,” which should be welcome news to those looking forward to Rainbow Six’s brand of multiplayer.

Are you looking forward to a Rainbow Six: Siege beta or are you getting tired of shooters at this point?