Bungie Explains Why Destiny on PS4 is Not Running at 60fps

Are you wondering why Destiny won’t be at 60fps (frames-per-second) on the PlayStation 4? If you are, allow Bungie’s Jason Sussman, who’s the senior environment artist, to explain.

It’s a lot of different things…I could get really technical, but I’d bore you to death. A lot has to do with performance. We’re cross-platform, so we had to be very delicate with all four consoles, making sure they have the same experience, that it looks as good as it possibly can on all these consoles. A lot goes into that, from geometry to textures to post effects to particles to how many players you get on the screen. We’re always balancing that out to make sure everyone gets the same experience.

With Bungie’s Destiny just closing shop on its alpha, it’s natural that the sci-shooter has been very prominent in the news. Earlier today, we reported on how Destiny will be a PlayStation-exclusive in Japan, how the in-development game is already looking better compared to the alpha, and even its PlayStation-exclusive content.

If you haven’t played the alpha, you can (sort of) re-live the experience by reading our Destiny E3 hands-on preview.

[Source: VentureBeat via GamingBolt]