Destiny Already Looks Better Than the Alpha, Beta Test Will Have Different Content

Having officially concluded the Destiny alpha test, Bungie Senior Environment Artist Jason Sussman spoke with the PlayStation Blog about the upcoming game, revealing how the alpha was just a small taste of things to come:

The Destiny alpha was a small taste of all the things to come. You got the open world, Explore Mode, a little bit of the campaign mission, the strike as well as the Crucible – which is our multiplayer mode.

And on top of that you have the player customization so you could kit out your character and the Tower, which is the social space… I’m remembering everything as we go because it’s a lot of content!

After talking about how they’re already taking feedback from the alpha to improve the overall Destiny experience, Sussman added that, in the alpha, “We’re not only monitoring our networking systems to see how we can handle so many players in the game, but we’re also monitoring what players use, where they like to go, and what people like to do in the crucible.”

The alpha isn’t the only chance to play Destiny before launch on September 9th, with a beta test scheduled to begin on July 17th. As Sussman confirmed, “The beta test later in the year will contain different content – there will be a difference, but what’s key is that every bit of information we’re gathering, and the tweaks and adjustments we’re making, will carry through to the beta test.”

Finally, Sussman said that Destiny “is already looking better than what people are playing in the alpha, which is really cool. It’s like, hey guess what? This is only going to get better.”

What did you think of the Destiny alpha?