Destiny 2 Cross Play Beta Coming Next Week, Cross Play Scheduled to Launch in Late August With Season 15

At the start of Season the the Splicer last week, some Destiny 2 players were treated to an odd bug that allowed them to group up with players on other platforms. While we knew that Bungie was working on cross-platform play for Destiny 2, we didn’t know exactly when it was supposed to go live. Bungie disabled the bug that was causing cross play to be enabled last week, but the studio will launch a special Destiny 2 cross play beta next week to test out the matchmaking. The intent is to fully launch cross play in Season 15, which is set to go live on August 24th, as long as there aren’t any delays or changes to the schedule.

The Destiny 2 cross play beta will be a limited Vanguard Strikes playlist, live starting at reset May 25 through May 27. While you won’t be able to group up with friends on other platforms directly, the playlist matchmaking will add players across all platforms—PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Stadia—in order to let Bungie test out the cross play matchmaking systems. And you’ll be rewarded for you participation. Play three Strikes in the cross play beta playlist and you’ll get an exclusive emblem called “Stars Crossed” for your trouble.

Destiny 2 cross play beta emblem reward

Currently Destiny 2 players can only play with other players in their console family. However, cross save is active, which allows people to carry their progress to any platform seamlessly. The addition of full cross-platform play will be the final step in letting Guardians play with their friends no matter where they choose to play. Bungie says the current goal is to ship cross play at some point in Season 15 (next season, beginning August 24th), but that’s also dependent on a number of factors, some of which will be the data and stress tests in this cross-play beta.

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The Destiny 2 cross play beta Vanguard Strike playlist goes live next week from May 25 through May 27th. Play three Strikes to earn a special emblem.

[Source: Bungie]