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Eris Morn Statue Joins Numskull Design’s Destiny 2 Statue Lineup Later This Year

Eris Morn is the latest to join Numskull Design’s collection of Destiny 2 statues, following the Exo Stranger Elsie Bray late last year and the Drifter earlier this year. Eris completes the trio of characters fans have come to call the “Darkness Vanguard,” those who advocate for wielding the powers of Darkness in humanity’s fight for survival. The Eris Morn statue is expected to be released on September, and you can preorder now for $69.99.

Preorder the Eris Morn Statue now

Eris Morn is a Guardian who lost her ghost along with her entire fireteam when they faced off against Crota on the moon. She’s since spent time researching the Hive and delving into the nature of the Darkness. She also advocates communication with the Darkness and Guardians using its power. This statue captures the former Hunter in full detail, including her distinct armor, the Ahamkara bone she carries with her, and her bandaged Hive eyes.

The Eris statue, along with the others, is an official licensed product in partnership with Bungie. The 10-inch tall statue was designed in collaboration with the cinematics team at Bungie, so you can rest assured that every detail will perfectly reflect the in-game character.

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Both the Drifter and the Exo Stranger statues are available now.

Can’t get enough Eris? You can also get the Tubbz Cosplaying duck version of her right now. Check out the full lineup of Numskull Design’s Destiny products.

Numskull Designs is also Bungie’s partner on the upcoming Fallen Baby Plush, which celebrates the tiny Fallen hatchlings players have come to call “smallen,” introduced in the recent Season of the Splicer update that went live last week. This new Season sees the story of Destiny 2 progress forward as humanity aids Fallen refugees in the face of a massive new Vex threat. The Fallen Baby Plush is expected to release later this year.