Numskull the drifter statue destiny 2

The Drifter Statue From Numskull Puts Destiny 2’s Conniving Rogue on Your Shelf, Available March 2021

Alright, alright, alright! In partnership with Bungie, Numskull Designs is introducing a new Destiny 2 statue featuring one of the game’s most iconic characters. Coming March 10, 2021, the 10-inch tall Drifter statue puts this roguish Light-bearer on display, complete with his Gambit coin held proudly in hand. After all, what’s a Drifter without his Gambit? Numskull’s latest Destiny 2 statue matches the quality, detail, and finish of the recently released statue of The Stranger.

Numskull sought to capture The Drifter’s “elusive nature” within the highly-detailed facial sculpt, and the model is based directly on the in-game look for Gambit’s curator. Take a look at Numskull’s The Drifter statue in the gallery below, including close-ups of the detail:

The Drifter is the mysterious host of Gambit, one of the earliest Guardians who shunned the Traveler’s Light and has seen dark things at the edge of the universe. He died repeatedly to hunger after being risen, revived by his Ghost each time. As a result, he has a dark obsession with food. His experiments with the Light and Darkness, and curious relationships with beings such as The Nine, suggest The Drifter knows a lot more about these powers and the conflicts of the universe than he’s letting on. His methods are often at odds with the Vanguard, but it may be shown that their goals align, regardless of how they get there.

Both The Drifter and The Stranger (alongside Eris Morn) take center stage in the upcoming Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2, making this the perfect pair of statues to adorn the shelf of any Guardian questioning the Light and looking to the mysteries beyond it.

You can preorder The Drifter statue now from select websites for $69.99 USD (prices vary in other countries). It releases March 10, 2021.

Preorder The Drifter statue now. Check here for pricing and availability in your region

Fans of The Drifter can also get him in rubber ducky form. TUBBZ Cosplay Ducks from Numskull features a Drifter duck, along with additional Destiny characters. Numskull Designs has a vast array of not only unique Destiny merchandise, but quality products made in partnership with a variety of brands, including PlayStation.