PSLS’ Morning Wood Ep. 70: Raps and Rail Shooters, Gundamn!

Welcome to another episode of Morning Wood. It’s the day after ‘Merica Day and the Wood’s are bringing you another Saturday morning delight. This week features rapping, a little talk about how to do a rail shooter right, and a discussion on music in games. Enjoy this music-less episode all about music below. 

Stuff we talked about:

  • D’yani’s Blue Estate review.
  • My upcoming Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Heroes review.
  • The various uses for my new expletive: Gundamn!
  • We rap out an email. Yup. It happens.
  • We talk about the impact of music in games and the benefits of a great soundtrack.

What’s your favorite game soundtrack? Talk to us in the forums, email us at [email protected], or follow and tweet us on Twitter @FinchStrife and @Dyani. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week when you wake up with Morning Wood.