Ubisoft Explains the Story Behind Far Cry 4 Villain’s Flamboyant Suit

Far Cry 4 doesn’t release until later this year, but its villain, Pagan Min, has already caught everyone’s attention. Dressed in a rather flashy suit, he appears to be quite mysterious. Ubisoft has now explained Min’s attire. 

According to Executive Producer, Dan Hay, the bleached blond villain wears the magenta suit “as an homage to his mom.” He further warned players of making fun of his suit, stating, “I would not make fun of Pagan Min’s mom.” Is that a hint that he’s ruthless? Who knows!

Speaking of Min’s character itself, Hay said:

We wanted to give him an element of charm. We wanted to give him an element of sophistication. He can do whatever he wants. Nobody ever says no to him.

Far Cry 4 will hit store shelves worldwide during November 2014. 

[Source: Eurogamer]