Homefront: The Revolution Director Resigns, Crytek in Trouble

Crytek has been in trouble for quite some time. We heard reports that staff working on Homefront: The Revolution were no longer coming to work, and before this, there were reports of the developer going bankrupt, a claim that it later denied. The latest we’ve heard is that The Revolution’s game director, Hasit Zala, has resigned. He also worked as Franchise Director for the free-to-play game, Warface.

Earlier this month, Crytek UK’s Development Manager, Ben Harris, parted ways with the studio, and there are reports of other Crytek Homefront staff members either having left the studio or actively searching for new opportunities. There seems to be some kind of an internal shake-up as well since Managing Director Karl Hilton told Kotaku that he was leaving his role but staying within the company. 

Kotaku’s sources have said:

It creates a weird scenario as there are now no upper management. Everything is just continuing on a downwards spiral. People haven’t been paid for a long time.

The future of Homefront: The Revolution remains unknown.

[Source: Kotaku]