Chinese Gamers More Interested in Buying a PlayStation 4 Than Xbox One, According to Survey

Microsoft’s Xbox One is due to launch in China this September, ending a lengthy console ban in the country. Understandably, many are now curious to know what Chinese gamers want. According to a survey conducted by NetEase, it’s apparently the PlayStation 4 that they’re more interested in purchasing. 

Chinese gamers were asked to make a selection between the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita/Vita TV, all of these systems, none of them, or purchasing a console off the gray market. Out of 6488 respondents so far, 57.3% voted in favor of the PlayStation 4, 19% want to buy consoles off the gray market, 10% want the Xbox One, 6% want the Vita/Vita TV, and another 6% expressed their desire to purchase every system. 

Of course, this is just a survey and doesn’t represent the entire Chinese market, but do bear in mind that Sony has a history in China, which could be the reason behind this brand preference. PlayStation 2 consoles were sold in China previously, and the PlayStation Portables were very popular in the country, too.

Are you currently based in China? If yes, what’s your preference?

[Source: Kotaku]