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Saints Row Dev Volition Adding a Hundred New Employees, Expanding Its Location

Volition, Inc., better known as the creators of the Saints Row franchise, is actually doing pretty well these days. With the successful release of Saints Row IV last year, it seems the studio is looking to expand, and is even looking for assistance from the city it’s located in to grow.

The company is looking for $200,000 in financial assistance from the city of Champaign, Illinois, where they are currently based. Yahoo! recently received $150,000 in incentives from the nearby University of Illinois Research Park, so such a deal is not unprecedented. Most of the money will go towards a new “high-technology space.” With a current employee roster numbering at 200, Volition has some leverage in getting such a deal to go through as well.

Part of the financial assistance will come in the form of $1,000 paid to Volition for each new employee that it hires – they intend to hire 100 new people in the short term. If Volition doesn’t get what they want, they will consider moving to another location outside of the city, since they want to expand regardless. So could this mean a new entry in the Saints Row franchise is in our near future, or is Volition ramping up production for a new IP entirely? Either way, it sounds like 100 people will soon call Volition their employer.

[Source: The News-Gazette via Games Industry]