FIFA 15 PlayStation Covers Will Show Clint Dempsey Wearing a Different Kit Than the Xbox Covers

The PlayStation 3 & 4 covers of EA’s upcoming sports title, FIFA 15, will show American player Clint Dempsey wearing a different kit than the one he dons for the Xbox covers. It’s all for business reasons.

Dempsey’s club team, the Seattle Sounders, is sponsored by Xbox. This means that there may be problems if he is shown wearing his team’s kit on the PlayStation covers. EA has already found a way around it by requiring Dempsey to wear the US national kit for the PlayStation box-art. 

We’re assuming that this change is just for the cover as it doesn’t make sense for the in-game kits to be different since they’re licensed and it would just make things complicated. Dempsey will appear alongside Argentina star Lionel Messi.

FIFA 15 is scheduled to release on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms alongside PC this September. 

[Source: MCV]