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FIFA 15 Cover Athlete to be Leo Messi, Check Out the Box-Art

While he might have not been victorious in winning the World Cup this year, Leo Messi is still good enough to be appointed as the global cover athlete for EA’s FIFA 15.

In a press release, EA announced the following:

Falling just short after a stunning performance that saw him receive top individual honors at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the 27 year-old won four Man of the Match Awards and scored the same number of times in the tournament. Messi had 28 goals for FC Barcelona this past season. EA SPORTS is honored to have Messi lead a roster of international superstars set to appear on the cover of FIFA 15.

Here’s what the cover of the PlayStation 4 game case will look like with Messi on it.


EA has also released Messi’s footy stats for those curious.

Messi stats:

International debut: 2005

International games: 93

International goals: 42

World Cup goals: 5

La Liga Titles: 6

FC Barcelona Goals: 243

European League Titles: 3

European League Goals: 68

FIFA Ballon d’Or: 4

This isn’t the first time Messi graced the cover of a FIFA game, as he previously appeared on the cover of FIFA Street, FIFA 13 and FIFA 14. This year’s iteration of the popular sports sim will hit last and now-gen platforms and PC in September.