EA Would Prefer to Release Star Wars Battlefront Close to Episode VII

With EA’s earnings call happening yesterday, EA Studios Executive VP Patrick Soderlund was asked about Star Wars Battlefront, specifically whether or not the timing of Star Wars Episode VII might affect its release date:

As it relates to Star Wars, we’ve shown parts from the game today, so you know that what we’re building is more rooted in the traditional Star Wars universe and not so much necessarily linked to the movies being made. And that’s just because we wanted to make a game that celebrated the history of Star Wars.

Obviously there will be things in there that are somewhat tied to the new movie. I wouldn’t say that we have a particular tie to the movie. Now, obviously we would prefer to be close to the movie, but I wouldn’t say that we’re directly tied to it.

Star Wars Episode VII is slated to release in December 2015, and more information about Star Wars Battlefront should arrive in spring 2015, so hopefully we’ll learn of a release date early next year.

Do you think Star Wars Battlefront would benefit from a release close to the new movie?

[Source: Seeking Alpha via Videogamer]