Videos Show and Teach How to Get Into Destiny Beta Sectioned Off Areas

Enjoying the Destiny beta? If you’re the type that prefers going over the game’s missions rather than testing your mettle in competitive multiplayer, then chances are, you’ve played through the beta’s story-related quests, free roam and the lone Strike mission available.

So, what to do next, then? Thankfully, a few shrewd gamers have managed to find a way to reach some of the Destiny beta’s restricted areas. 

Shown in the videos below are tutorials and gameplay footage for the King’s Watch, Seraphim Vault and Jovian Complex from Old Russia.  Now, before you watch and try these out for yourself, keep in mind that the enemies in the levels are way too overpowered for you take down. Yes, they all have the “???” levels next to their names, which means you can’t kill them, but they can kill you in 1-2 hits. Even so, you can still explore the areas as long as you can dodge them long enough. Some even include hidden goodies!

King’s Watch

Seraphim Vault

Jovian Complex

These should tide you over until Bungie rolls out the special Destiny beta events it has planned. Don’t forget to play the beta on the 26th since participants will get an exclusive emblem that will carryover to the retail game.

Anyone thinking of trying this? If so, let us know how it goes in the comments.

[Source: Manoi Games, Team Lag]