Play Destiny Beta Today to be Able to Go to the Moon, Open for Two Hours Only

Heads up, Guardians! Those who will play Destiny beta today between 2pm-4pm Pacific time will be able to go to the moon. This new destination will open up a new story mission for a limited time period. 

Bungie has said that their main aim this weekend is to test the game and see how many Guardians are able to play at the same time. For this, the developer will be setting up a public event that everyone will be invited to. Those who make an appearance will be awarded with a nameplate to show that they took part in the event before the launch of the game. 

According to the latest Bungie Weekly Update:

The Destiny Beta is not a private party. It’s the precursor to the launch of the most ambitious game we’ve ever made. You are invited to do your very best to emulate the final form of the citizenry that will fight to protect the last safe city on Earth, later on this year.

Will PlayStation Network and Xbox Live be able to handle the traffic this weekend? Let’s find out!

[Source: Bungie]