Rogue Legacy Studio Next Project “Not Even in Prototype State”

Rogue Legacy header

Continuing with our interview with studio Cellar Door Games where it divulged Sony made it “easy” to port Rogue Legacy for PlayStation platforms, we asked studio co-founder Kenny Lee if he can give us a tease on what they’re working on next.

While Lee admitted that development on their next project started this February, it’s a long way off given it’s not even in a playable state.

We actually started development of our next game some time around February, but then the ports started experiencing delays and we had stop and focus on that. It’s not even in a prototype state, but since the PS versions are done I’m really itching to get back into it.

Hopefully, whatever the game is, Cellar Door Games releases it soon for PlayStation platforms. 

What are you hoping Cellar Door Games makes next? Would you want another rogue-like game from the studio?