rogue legacy 2 trailer

Rogue Legacy 2 Trailer Dropping Tomorrow, Filled With ‘Hidden Info’

Cellar Door Games is finally ready to pull back the curtain on what its been working on with the first Rogue Legacy 2 trailer dropping tomorrow, June 23. The team announced the trailer on Twitter, saying that it will have a lot of “hidden info inside it.”

Rogue Legacy 2 was first announced back on April 2nd after a painful tease on April 1st had many wondering if it might just be a joke. That initial announcement included just a couple of screenshots and very little information overall. An AMA on Reddit followed shortly after, providing a lot of new details about the sequel. The game’s been in development for about two years now, and was created with the goal of making a metroidvania in a procedural world. A number of other major bullet points were also revealed via the AMA, including new gameplay systems, new genetic traits, and hints at “doing something different with the bosses for the sequel.”

The original game was a beloved indie roguelike that explored what else the genre could be; letting each run be a complete “playthrough,” but also offering meaningful growth and advancement beyond simple mastery between each. Mixing RNG with player choice and growth created one of the most compelling indie titles of the early PS4 era.

Cellar Door Games didn’t provide a specific time, so be on the lookout all day tomorrow. We’ll try to get it up as quickly as possible once they’ve shown it, as well as digging into to the Rogue Legacy 2 trailer to analyze what the supposed “hidden info” might be. Rogue Legacy 2 doesn’t currently have a release date, but perhaps this new trailer will also shine some light on that?