Rogue Legacy 2 confirmed

Rogue Legacy 2 is Real, Not an April Fool’s Joke, More Info ‘In the Coming Days’

Despite first teasing the announcement yesterday of all days, Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy 2 is not an April Fool’s joke. The sequel to the 2014 roguelite was officially confirmed today with a glimpse at a brand new non-pixel art style, still retaining the charm of the original game.

Rogue Legacy was a roguelite 2D-platformer dungeon crawler, where each death led to a new “heir” taking charge. Each new heir could have a variety of odd genetic traits that would put a unique spin on each run through the randomized castle. Some of them were harmless, some were helpful, and others increased the difficulty immensely. It quickly became a beloved indie hit after its launch and even won multiple awards from us that year.

While Cellar Door Games didn’t offer many details on Rogue Legacy 2, they did share a few work-in-progress screenshots and a promise of “a lot more info in the coming days.” It should be noted that they specifically used the word “days” and not “weeks” or “months,” which could mean we’ll be hearing a lot more about how Rogue Legacy 2 differs from the original game very soon.

The screenshots show off the new hand-drawn art style, an environment shot of a shattered throne atop piles of what we can only presume are dead bodies (or at least empty husks of armor), and finally a quick look at the “heir” screen, which gives us some hints as to what traits, weapons, and other unique quirks will be coming in the sequel. You can get a quick look at them in Cellar Door’s tweet:

Before making us wait for the next heir to bring more information, Cellar Door Games dropped one last detail for today: The soundtrack will be made by the original composers. They left us off with a sample of the music coming in Rogue Legacy 2.

We gave the first Rogue Legacy a 9 with an Editor’s Choice award, praising it for addictive gameplay and a unique progression system (that has since been adapted by a number of other roguelites/likes). We also featured Cellar Door Games in an indie game dev spotlight series that we did, which gave us a lot more insight into the studio behind Rogue Legacy.

Rogue Legacy 2 doesn’t have any confirmed platforms or even a release date yet, but expect more information soon.