Sony Approached Road Not Taken, Metrico Devs About Going Free on PlayStation Plus

Offering us a little more insight in to how the PlayStation Plus free games are chosen each month, the developers behind two of this month’s freebies, Road Not Taken and Metrico, spoke with Gamasutra recently.

First up was Spry Fox CEO David Edery, who revealed that Sony approached them about adding Road Not Taken to the Instant Game Collection:

Sony proposed the PS Plus opportunity to us. It hadn’t even occurred to us until they did so. It does seem like they are making a push for new stuff on PS Plus but that’s just a guess on my part.

Next is Digital Dreams’ Geert Nellen, who admitted that it was a tough decision to allow their new game to go free, but the benefits ultimately outweighed the negatives:

The PS Plus team made an offer to us. It was a very hard decision, but in the end we decided to take it. We won’t ever know how the game would have done on its own, which perhaps is a shame, but it grants us the opportunity to pay off our loans and make the next game.

Garnering review scores that vary from 50 – 90, Nellen believes putting Metrico on PS+ “might have been a wise decision,” as the wide range of scores may have impacted sales. “Also, it’s just awesome to have a great number of people play Metrico, and that is also interesting if we’re going to make a game in the same universe,” he added.