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Peter Moore: EA Access Program is “Something Companies Do When We Think About the Future”

September 3, 2014Written by Alex Co


While Sony has already confirmed and gave its reasons why EA’s EA Access program isn’t coming to PlayStation platforms, EA CEO Peter Moore thinks it’s initiative is a sign of things to come, and is a way of giving options to consumers. 

I can’t speak for Sony…This is something companies like ourselves have to do when we think about the future. We are trying to learn lessons from other media industries of how you can give options to people to, quite frankly, experience more games.

Moore compares EA Access to the Spotify music service, and thinks this allows gamers to try games they wouldn’t normally consider.

I am a Spotify Premium subscriber, and because I pay a fee for ‘all you can eat’, I get to listen to music that I ordinarily wouldn’t. And it will be the same for games; seeing what your friends are playing and giving it a go because you have something like EA Access…Gamers are overwhelmed. Steam does the sales. We do something called ‘On the house’, where we give a game away for free. We did that with Wing Commander. There are gamers that won’t have been born when that was out and we’re throwing it out there as a way of discovering new experiences. We’re doing more things like that. There’s so much stuff out there, and it’s expensive. You need to sample things and you need somebody or something to guide you through the whole thing.

You can check out how the staff feels about the EA Access program not coming to PlayStation platforms here.

Do you agree with Moore? And do you want a gaming future where EA Access-like programs are the norm?

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