Bungie Audio Team Working on Destiny Profile for Sony Gold Wireless Headset

If you have a Sony Gold Wireless Headset for your PlayStation 4, then chances are high that you use specific game profile audio settings for titles that support this unique feature. 

Now, seeing as Destiny is heavily being marketed as a PlayStation game, then it should have its own specific audio profile, right? While Bungie’s sci-fi shooter RPG might not support it come its release on September 9, it seems that will change real soon.

Over on Twitter, Bungie Community and Marketing man Eric Osborne was asked by a fan if there’s going to be a Gold Wireless Headset audio profile for Destiny, to which Osborne responded with:

As someone who uses the headset regularly, I have to say, this is very welcome news. Let’s hope it comes soon since Destiny is set for release next Tuesday on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

Are you playing Destiny with your Sony Gold Wireless Headset and if so, what do you hope from Bungie’s Destiny audio profile?

[Source: Twitter]