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PSLS Gift Guide – Best PS4 Headsets

Are you or someone you know still using TV speakers for gaming audio? Do you break out Sony’s dinky little earpiece whenever you need to chat with friends in online games? It’s time to level up your gaming audio with a gaming headset. With so many headsets on the market, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth putting on your head. Should you spend more money on a premium headset? Are there are any less expensive headsets that offer decent features and sound? How cheap is too cheap?

While we can’t claim to have the definitive list (you can thank subjectivity for that), we’ve got a list of the best PS4 headsets we’ve used. Depending on your price range, there are a variety of great headsets. The more affordable ones will compromise on some features, but depending on what you are willing to go without, picking any of the headsets from our list will ensure you get a great audio experience on your PS4, whether gaming with friends or just experiencing the latest grand single-player adventure.

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Best PS4 Headsets

LucidSound LS50X and LS41

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As far as top-tier premium headsets go, LucidSound is hard to beat. The LS41 is currently my personal favorite headset, and after trying out the LS50X at E3, the added features (namely Bluetooth) will soon make it my go-to when it becomes widely available. The LucidSound LS41 and LS50 are comfortable, with superior audio quality for both standard audio sources and chat audio. They have both a detachable boom mic and an onboard mic in the earcup (which will be especially useful with the Bluetooth enabled LS50X). Volume controls are knobs built into the entire earcup, chat audio on one side and game audio on the other. Buttons are integrated into the headset giving it a clean Having that tactile control is something even other premium headsets can’t claim. The only feature the LucidSound headsets can’t tout is the Astro A50’s charging dock/wireless base station, but with a 20-hour battery life, it’s not too often you’ll be charging this headset anyway.

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Astro A50

Astro A50 headset gaming headset

Astro has been a household name for gaming headsets for quite some time now. The latest generation of Astro’s flagship A50 headset is an improvement over the last in every way, and its charging base/wireless dock is a convenient feature that makes using this headset daily easy. It looks good sitting in your entertainment setup and storing it properly makes sure it’s charged and ready to go whenever you need it. Astro has a reputation for high-quality products, so if you’re looking for a great headset with a familiar brand name attached, consider the Astro A50.

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Plantronics RIG 500 Pro

Plantronics rig 500 pro headset

One of the first features to get cut as you drop in headset price is going to be wireless functionality, so while the RIG 500 Pro (a more premium design based on the RIG 4VR headset) is going to be a lot more affordable than either of the first two options, but it is a wired headset. Even so, plugging it directly into your DualShock 4 controller makes it effectively wireless, and it’s one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever worn for long periods of time. There’s a volume knob directly on the part that plugs into the controller to make volume control simple without needing to move your hands from the controller.

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Audeze Mobius

Audeze mobius review headset best gaming headset 1

Heading back into the premium of premium headsets, Audeze Mobius is the most expensive headset on this list, and while it may not be the best option for PS4 specifically, it’s without a doubt the best all-purpose option out of all these headset recommendations. Unfortunately, the Mobius doesn’t have wireless capabilities with the PS4 right now (they’ve said they are working on a dongle for compatibility) so you have to use an aux cable with your controller. Though it has Bluetooth capabilities for use with phone audio and other Bluetooth compatible devices, it doesn’t have an onboard mic, so you’ll have to fumble around for the detachable boom mic if you want to take or make calls while listening to music. Aside from these two minor inconveniences, this is the headset that I’ve got with me at all times, and Audeze’s premium audio quality is near impossible to beat. (For reference, this $400 headset is the company’s least expensive option but it’s the most expensive headset on this list. Let that sink in.)

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PlayStation Gold Headset


You can’t go wrong getting an official PlayStation product for use with your PlayStation 4, right? The PlayStation Gold headset is a great affordable headset that will offer you good audio and a quality build at a price that’s lower than any of the other headsets on this list. It’s also one of the least expensive wireless options you can get your hands on. If you’re not willing or able to pay more for premium features, comfort, and sound, the PlayStation Gold headset is an acceptable substitute; a workhorse that will get the job done.

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These headsets are some of our favorites, but they are by no means every headset available. We recommend that you do your own research to ensure that the headset you buy will fulfill your needs. Every headset is going to come with things it does well and features it doesn’t have, and more often than not, you’ll find that you get what you pay for. It’s up to you to decide what features you are willing to compromise on. Do you just need something to get the job done? Or do you want the best kind of audio experience that you can get while gaming? Is wireless important, or are you okay plugging into the controller via aux or the console via USB? The headsets above are a great starting point for the average gamer household, but if you’ve got any suggestions of your own, feel free to throw them into the comments below.