steelseries arctis 7P+ review headset

SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ PS5 Headset Review – Best in Class

SteelSeries has consistently been a headset brand at the top of its game. The Arctis 7P+ isn’t an all-new headset—it’s an update to the previous Arctis 7—but when that past design was already so good, a few minor updates and a new color scheme to match the PS5 aesthetic are really all you need.

The SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ is specifically designed with the PS5 in mind, from its white, black, and blue color scheme to the focus on supporting the PS5’s 3D audio capabilities, though it is multi-functional and will work with a variety of devices. You can connect it via an included 3.5mm headphone cable, or via 2.4 GHz wireless with the USB-C wireless dongle. The one downside of the USB-C dongle is that it will partially cover the other USB port on the front of your PS5 thanks to its wide shape. For a headset designed so heavily around the PS5 specifically, having a dongle that limits use of one of your other PS5 ports seems like a huge oversight.

steelseries arctis 7P+ review headset

SteelSeries has nailed the elements of design and comfort for its headsets. The Arctis 7P+ feels like a solid and sturdy headset, while also being light, flexible, and comfortable. And comfort is the name of the game. This might just be one of the most comfortable headsets I own. The brunt of the weight is supported by an adjustable elastic ski-goggle-style band, which removes the usual pressure buildup that can happen with most other headsets, even those with the softest of padding. It evenly distributes the weight and pressure so that there aren’t any noted pressure points that become painful over long gaming sessions.

The mic on the Arctis 7P+ is retractable, rather than a big arm that folds up and down on the side of the headset. While not as convenient to mute, it does ultimately create a cleaner profile for the headset by storing the mic inside the left ear cup. Thanks to it being on a semi-flexible wire, it can sometimes readjust itself in the middle of gameplay sessions, but for the most part I found it to be rigid enough that it doesn’t move around much once I have it positioned where I want it. My teammates were happy with the clear audio that the mic delivered, while also largely eliminating most off-axis noise. It features a handy LED light on the end of the mic to show when you are muted, and the whole arm easily slides back into the ear cup when you aren’t using voice chat.

steelseries arctis 7P+ review headset

One of the winning features of the Arctis 7P+ for me is sidetone (the ability to monitor your own voice with zero-latency), and not only does the 7P+ implement this feature, it has a special dial to adjust the volume of the sidetone audio. I hate feeling like I can only hear my own voice as it echoes through my own head, particularly when playing a loud game with friends, so the ability to not only hear myself, but balance my own voice within my mix is fantastic.

In terms of audio quality, SteelSeries retains its best-in-class badge here, with an affordable headset that delivers phenomenal sound. Particularly in conjunction with the PS5’s 3D audio engine, the Arctis 7P+ delivers full bodied audio that covers the frequency range. Highs are crisp, not tinny. Voices are clear, and don’t get muddied into the rest of the mix, even when there’s a lot going on. And while these don’t have the punchiest low-end, I actually prefer headsets that balance bass within the mix rather than try to fake consumers out by calling big bass “quality” audio. Explosions and other lows still sound and feel sufficiently boomy without cranking it up to levels that ruin the rest of the mix. That balance is key, particularly within games, which is what these cans are primarily tuned for.

steelseries arctis 7P+ review headset

The Arctis 7P+ not only sounds great, but it performs well technically too. SteelSeries says the wireless range is 40 feet, and in my testing, it meets and even exceeds that. I had to leave my house before the sound would start dropping out. Where I have to prepare for other headsets to disconnect if I want to run upstairs to grab a drink, tend to the animals, or get a bite to eat, the Arctis 7P+ remains clearly connected anywhere I stand within my home. It boasts a 30+ hour battery life, which seemed to be generally consistent in my time with the headset so far, and even if it does die, the USB-C charging means you can get 3 hours of battery life out of a 15-minute quick charge.

The SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ is one of the best PS5 headsets you can get. From design, to quality, to comfort, to performance, it covers everything you’d need out of a gaming headset, handily outperforming virtually every other headset in its price range. At a fair price of $169.99 retail, you’d have to pay significantly more to begin getting other features or notably improved quality.

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