LucidSound snoop dogg ls50 gaming headset

LucidSound Collaborating With Snoop Dogg on Limited Edition LS50 Gaming Headset – On-Head Preview

Legendary hip hop artist, DJ, and cannabis connoisseur, Snoop Dogg, is partnering with LucidSound to bring his unique brand of the high life to the upcoming LS50 headset. Announced for release in fall 2019, the LS50 is LucidSound’s most advanced wireless and Bluetooth gaming headset, and frankly, its set of features put a lot of other headsets to shame (though it runs a premium price to match).

But what does that all mean? Why the LucidSounds over the next guy’s set of gaming headphones?

LucidSound might not be a household name for gaming headsets right now, but it certainly isn’t one to be overlooked. The LS41 model, which launched last year, has become one of my daily use headsets, specifically for gaming on my PS4. Whether I’m just trying to spare my wife hearing my game while she’s trying to play Overwatch or if I need a chat solution as I try to clear the latest Destiny Raid, the LS40s serve all of those needs. It works out a unique solution with the PS4 by routing the surround audio via optical patch cable to the USB dongle so that the headset can get surround sound, wireless functionality, and separate chat/game audio controls right on the headset itself.

The controls are build right into the earcups, so each one is a large wheel to control volume, as well as a button that serves multiple functions. It’s a sleek design that not only looks great, but is easy to use on the fly. But why I am talking about the LS40s when LucidSound just announced the LS50s?

What I got to see in a meeting room at E3 was a headset that was familiar to me. The LS50 functions just like my LS41. It’s got the same great audio quality, same controls, and same unique solutions to Sony’s aversion on allowing third-party devices direct wireless access to the console. It looks largely similar to the previous model, but the updates are far from a simple cosmetic touch up.

The philosophy behind LucidSound’s designs comes from solving problems. Like the LS41’s unique patch job for wireless PS4 surround, the LS50 not only addresses criticisms from owners of the LS40 (the model that preceded the LS41), but also solves a whole new problem people may not have realized they had.

Arguably the biggest update to the LS50 headset is the addition of Bluetooth connectivity, but this isn’t just turning your headset into a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth runs simultaneously alongside the wireless radio, so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. If I’m playing a game and my wife calls me, I can take that call via Bluetooth and still hear game audio coming through. It even works while you’re on chat, and will prioritize your mic, so the rest of my fireteam doesn’t have to listen to my conversation, but I can still hear their callouts.

Bluetooth also works standalone, so now there’s no need for another Bluetooth headset. If you need to listen to music while mowing the lawn, you never even need to take your headset off. In fact, if you could just get everyone to call out from here on out, the LS50s could end up being permanent staples on your ears. With a touted 20 hours of battery life, they’ll at least last you all day.

LucidSound snoop dogg ls50 gaming headset
This asset is in black and white. The final model is white with a gold trim on the chrome parts, threads, etc.

Getting in the action of this new headset, the Snoop Dogg limited edition features a white and gold design and Snoop’s name across the top of the headband (as opposed to the traditional black and grey design for the standard model). The finish is also slightly different to provide that more premium feel that one would expect from a pricey headset like this. I got word that Snoop will also be recording lines for the headset, so when you change EQ modes or activate the Bluetooth, it’s going to be his voice telling you what’s up.

Other Options for Lighter Wallets

So maybe you don’t have $250+ lying around to live like Snoop with all of your wireless audio needs met. Or maybe you just don’t need all of the thrills and bells that come on a super advanced headset. LucidSound has the full spectrum covered, from the inexpensive LS1—a chat-only, single earcup solution for quick and easy  chat audio—to the LS10—a lightweight, no frills wired model that simply delivers chat and game audio—all the way up to the LS41 that I use almost every day—a moderately improved model that followed the LS40 launch. The sound quality is great all around, so no matter what your budget is, you might lose some features but you’ll be playing with the experts.

LucidSound product lineup demoed at E3 2019.