NHL 20 Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Being Added to NHL 20 as Player and Announcer

I absolutely love Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion if he’s doing his reggae stuff again. I also love that he basically knows he’s a goofball and plays that up. I did not, however, expect him to show up in NHL 20. Yet there he is, doing what he does best in the world of hockey and playing up how goofy he is. Snoop Dogg has been added to the game as free DLC “like for real though,” to quote the trailer. He’ll be both skating into the ring as a playable hockey player that you can put on your team, and stepping into the announcer’s booth to narrate the action other players are taking. Snoop also does his famous dance from the “Drop it Like it’s Hot” music video, which is really about all anyone can ask for.

Snoop Dogg showing up for NHL 20 may be a bit surprising, considering he ended 2017 by deciding to put EA Sports on blast in a rather hilarious Instagram rant. In the rant, he compared EA’s servers to Los Angeles’ infamous 405 freeway, which is mostly known for being clogged all the time. Snoop doesn’t seem to tolerate any sort of downtime when it comes to servers. In 2016 he made an equally hilarious message to Bill Gates demanding that Bill help Microsoft get the Xbox Live servers back up, or else he was going to switch to a PlayStation 4. The real question now is if Snoop will tolerate having to wait in the penalty box (and if he ever actually switched to that PS4!).

This isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has shown up in a video game unexpectedly. He was also an announcer in last year’s EA Sports UFC 3. Since EA didn’t put out another UFC game this year, it seems like he had some downtime, where he also lent his voice to the special edition LucidSound LS50X headset featuring his name and voice for the headset’s unique settings. Some other particularly fun games that Snoop Dogg showed up in has included an announcer in 2013’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, hanging around on a throne in the background of 2012’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and as the star of his own rhythm fighting game with 2013’s exceptionally hilarious Way of the Dogg.