Bungie: Destiny “Really Begins at Level 20,” Heroic Strikes Will be Very Challenging

Still want to know a little bit more about Destiny before you finally purchase the game or while you’re waiting for the servers to go live? No problem! Bungie has answered a few more popular community questions in its latest weekly update, particularly addressing concerns about the end game content, and what comes beyond level 20. 

According to designers Luke Smith and Tyson Green, the goal of Destiny’s end game content is to “curate a living world with activities for every mood.” They said:

Whether you’re craving high intensity cooperative gameplay, shooting other players in the face in a variety of modes, or scouring the planets for precious resources and hunting for Public Events, we want Destiny to meet whatever mood you’re in.

Many fans have asked what players should expect beyond level 20. In response to this, Bungie has said that “Destiny really begins at level 20.” Players can also continue to increase their Light Level by earning powerful gear. 

Strikes and Crucible matches can award powerful gear and currencies which you’ll use to buy Legendary (purple) gear from the Tower. Players can choose to champion one of our three Factions (New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, or Future War Cult) in both cooperative and competitive activities. This allows them to rank up and purchase gear from a particular Faction.

Not only this, but post-level 20 players will unlock Destiny’s Heroic mode progressions for daily Heroic story chapters and weekly Heroic Strikes. Apparently, Heroic Strikes will be very challenging.

 A weekly rotation of very challenging Heroic Strikes (and the pinnacle Nightfall Strike) use high-level enemies and global modifiers to create challenges that require skill, gear, and sometimes creative character builds to beat.

Bungie has said that post-level 20 XP will be very important for players in order to level weapons and armor, and for completing subclasses. Smith and Green also clarified that The Iron Banner events will last longer in the actual game than in the beta. Beta players will be able to collect their special emblems from the Tower once they start the game.

Destiny releases worldwide this Tuesday. Don’t forget that PlayStation owners will be able to enjoy some exclusive content such as the Exodus Blue Map and Dust Palace Strike.

[Source: Bungie]