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Watch Both Ken Kutaragi and Kaz Hirai Perform the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS


Both Ken Kutaragi, “The Father of PlayStation,” and Kaz Hirai, the current President and CEO of Sony Corporation, have completed the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. 

 In his video, which he posted on Vimeo, the former Chairman and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment can be seen holding a stuffed Toro Inoue as a large bucket of ice water is dumped over his head.

His wife then comes over to dry off the shivering Ken with a towel, and they then lovingly dry off the stuffed cat. The video both hilarious and touching, and ends with Ken challenging Kaz to perform the challenge.

In his own video, which Sony put on YouTube a few days after Ken’s, Kaz also gets an ice cold bucket of water dumped over his head. He then exclaims “Wow!” and gives the camera a thumbs up.

What do you think of these PlayStation greats doing the Ice Bucket Challenge? Have you done it? 

[Source: YouTube (Sony), Vimeo (Ken Kutaragi)]