EA CEO: The Highest Reviewed Games Get the Balance of Innovation & Polish Right

At the GamesBeat 2014 conference today, EA CEO Andrew Wilson talked about how EA Access on Xbox is designed to make people “feel like what you get is worth more than the money you have in your pocket,” essentially fulfilling the human nature to steal.

Wilson believes offering their fans this value will help them greatly in the coming years, because “in the future of our industry, when there are more devices to play games on, your relationship with your players will determine your success.”

It’s this relationship that ultimately led to the delays of Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield: Hardline, with Wilson saying, “The games that review highest are the games that get the balance [of innovation and polish] right. [Those games] do something new without bugs and other issues that pull you out of the experience.”

He continued by addressing the delays specifically, saying the extra time for Inquisition will allow them “to get rid of bugs,” and with Hardline, “We think there’s more innovation you can put into the game. We think you could be doing completely new things.”

Do you feel like you’re stealing with PlayStation Plus?

[Source: GamesBeat]