EA on Battlefield 1: “We’re Just Getting Started With Our Live Service Plans for This Massive Game”

Battlefield 1 has seen more than 19 million players so far, and during EA’s earnings call yesterday, CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that this will be a big year for the game:

Every Battlefield 1 player will have more ways to play throughout the year, with continual game updates, new maps, and three more expansion packs adding new armies, regions and battlegrounds available to the whole community. We’re just getting started with our live service plans for this massive game, and later this year, we’ll introduce new ways for players to get an even bigger Battlefield 1 experience.

In the Q&A portion, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said they’re pleased with the ongoing sales of Battlefield 1, and “we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming and a lot of interesting things about World War I that have yet to be even seen.”

Jorgensen also revealed that EA will be making some changes to their DLC approach:

We’re not going to disclose attach rates because they’re becoming less and less meaningful, particularly in a world of live services. And you’ll see some changes to our approach – particularly with Battlefield and Battlefront – over time that makes those DLC less important because it’s ongoing content that’s being delivered. I will say, you’ll also see a lot of content delivered to the broad community for Battlefield, not just for the DLC owners going forward, which I think will continue to make those numbers a little less meaningful.

As for Star Wars Battlefront II, which launches this November, Wilson said, “We took the feedback very, very seriously. We’ve invested in a very meaningful way, and when we say we believe the game is three times the size in terms of content, we’re very serious about that.”

Jorgensen said they’re hoping to sell more than 14 million copies of Battlefront II in the first year, and Wilson added that we’ll hear more about the “robust live services plan” around E3 next month.

Looking ahead to Fiscal Year 2019 (begins April 1, 2018) and beyond, Wilson says “there’ll be more new experiences for our Battlefield fans,” Visceral’s Star Wars action-adventure IP will debut, Respawn’s Star Wars title will release, BioWare and Motive’s new games will come out, and their EA Sports games will “continue to break barriers and lead sports across all platforms.”

[Source: Seeking Alpha]