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EA CEO Andrew Wilson Wants to Establish a “Player-First Culture” Within the Company

September 16, 2014Written by Alex Co


During the GamesBeat 2014 conference where EA CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned that the highest-rated games get the balance of innovation and polish “right,” the exec also cited one of  the key priorities for the publisher with him at the helm, and it’s a “player-first culture.”

The first was really establish that player-first culture back inside the company…My belief is that in the future of our industry, in a world where there are more devices that play games, more people creating content to play on those devices, that the relationships that you have with the players are going to be the deciding factor between success and failure. Your ability to actually reach those players and deliver them entertainment is really going to be based on that relationship that you have with them.

Wilson’s other key priorities were digital, and the last one as “this understanding that no longer could we operate within silos at the company.” 

Just last month, Wilson mentioned that the publisher is getting better at listening to gamers, and believes EA Access is a “great value.”

Has EA been on the “player-first” mentality since Wilson took up the CEO role? It’s certainly a noble goal, but let’s hope EA can follow through with that by its actions, rather than just words.

[Source: GamesBeat via GamesIndustry]