Minecraft: PS3 Edition Save Transfer Update Expected Tomorrow, PS4 Update Coming (Update)



The latest PS3 patch is now available to download.

Original Story:

Despite the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft launching earlier this month, the ability to transfer your saves from Minecraft: PS3 Edition to Minecraft: PS4 Edition has been unavailable. That should all change tomorrow though, as 4J Studios announced:

“Soon after” this small update, 4J Studios will release a bigger update for Minecraft: PS3 Edition, which adds DLC such as the Cartoon Texture Pack.

Looking at the other versions of Minecraft, “There’s a bigger [Minecraft: Xbox One Edition] and [Minecraft: PS4 Edition] bug fix update underway to fix the other issues people have been finding.” We’ll have to wait until the update’s out to know the full details, but 4J revealed that, among other things, it will address items in chests disappearing.

As for Minecraft: PS Vita Edition, 4J said, “We’re still bug fixing… We’ll let you know when we hand it over to Sony.”

Also, if you discover any bugs in the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions of Minecraft, follow the links to report them.

[Source: 4J Studios (Twitter)]