Sony 85 Percent Work Done to Make Project Morpheus Available to Public

While numerous games are being made for Sony’s Project Morpheus and many others have said that they will be getting support for the virtual reality device, it is not yet clear when the headset will be ready for public consumption.

However, Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, recently announced in an interview with The Wall Street Journal Japan that Sony has completed 85 percent of the work it will take to make Project Morpheus available to the public. Still, he noted, a lot more work will need to be completed.

Hopefully, this means that the virtual reality device will be ready to be used with PlayStation 4 consoles in the earlier months of 2015. No price has been given for it yet, although the Oculus Rift, a similar virtual reality headset that is meant for the PC, has a test-kit out for $350. 

When do you think Sony’s Project Morpheus will be available to the public? Will you consider picking one up when it is out?

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]