Tekken Creator Katsuhiro Harada is Working on a Somewhat Strange Project Morpheus Game

Katsuhiro Harada, the creator of Tekken, is currently working a rather strange game for Sony’s Project Morpheus. 

The upcoming game is entitled Summer Lesson, and apparently is a sort of communication game. Summer Lesson takes place in the bedroom of an Asian schoolgirl. Players then must “communicate” with her.

Judging from the above video, it looks like “communicate” means nodding or shaking one’s head, but it also looks like it gets strangely sexual at times.

The game was revealed at a Sony press conference today, and will be featured at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show later this month when the show kicks off on September 18. 

What do you think about Summer Lesson? Is this something you would ever pickup, or do you think it is just too strange?

[Source: Siliconera, YouTube]