Ultra Street Fighter IV Patch 1.04 Coming in October, Omega Mode Detailed

Due out in October, patch 1.04 for Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released to address some issues that were pointed out by the community and add the delayed wake up option to the dummy in training mode.

Capcom highlighted some of the changes of what you can expect with 1.04 over on their blog:

The version 1.04 patch improves upon the version 1.02 patch released earlier this year by addressing more of the issues brought to our attention by our most diehard fans. Some of the fixes you can expect to see are the Decapre and Rolento changes introduced in the Ver B. patch reverted, as well as Cody’s Light Ruffian Kick once again causing a hard knockdown against airborne opponents as it did in AE 2012. There are more fixes being included, which we’ll disclose closer to the release date.

For those of you out there who desire to practice your setups in the face of delayed wakeup, I’m pleased to announce the addition of the delayed wake up dummy option in training mode. Now that this setting is available, I’m really eager to see how this will advance the game and if anyone will be able to create setups that account for both normal and delayed wakeups.

Coming at an unspecified date later this year, Omega Mode sees every character getting modified and outfitted with new normal and special attacks. Since Capcom’s goal with this new mode was fun, they “placed more emphasis on making the characters feel new, than on their balance. This means that strong, fan favorite attacks such as Ken’s Shinppu Jinrai Kyaku and Sagat’s Tiger Raid make their return, while other characters such as Zangief gain new abilities, like being able to combo into his command throws.”

While Omega Mode will be playable online, Capcom is restricting it to unranked matches. As for official Capcom tournaments and Capcom Pro Tour affiliate tournaments, they will use the default Ultra balance, not Omega Mode, as the tournament standard.

You can check out Omega Mode in the above video.

[Source: Capcom via IGN]