Street Fighter 6 Tournaments, Early Summer Vibes Fighting Pass Delayed

Street Fighter 6 Tournaments, Early Summer Vibes Fighting Pass Delayed

Due to various network features plaguing Street Fighter 6, Capcom has announced that it has delayed any online tournaments as well as the release of the game’s first fighting pass.

Online issues affecting Street Fighter 6

In a brief announcement on the game’s official website, Capcom revealed that it would be suspending “any upcoming tournaments” due to the studio realizing that its online network is “currently unstable.”

As this is affecting all online functionality, Capcom has decided to pause tournaments for the time being. According to the announcement, more details will be shared once a suspension period has officially been decided on.

In another announcement talking about the online issues of the game, Capcom also said it would be delaying the “Early Summer Vibes” Fighting Pass, which was originally set to release on June 9, 2023. It’s unclear exactly what was set to be included in this pass, but similar to the tournament suspensions, Capcom hasn’t decided on a new date for when it will release the pass.

“Currently, network instability is affecting all online features,” reads a statement from Capcom. “Due to the instability, we are delaying the start of the Early Summer Vibes Fighting Pass that was planned for June 9th. Once the new start date is decided, we will make another announcement. The cause of the network instability is currently under investigation, and we appreciate the patience of our players as we look to fix this issue. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this has caused our players.”

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