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GameStop Looking to Allow Gamers to Buy and Sell Used DLC

September 23, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

GameStop Building

In a recent interview with Ars Technica, GameStop Executive Vice President Mike Hogan mentioned that the video gamer retailer is looking into being able to allow users to buy used DLC, such as digital games and add-ons.

One of the questions, frankly, the industry is going to have to address going forward is [this]: ‘Is the value of a digital game less than the value of a physical game? If you can’t trade in a digital game—which you can’t, at this point in time, but maybe you can in the future—there’s less residual value.

Hogan then went on to say that the huge move would require partnerships with numerous retailers and publishers, but a transition could be possible at some point in the future.

We’re absolutely interested in pursuing that. There are lots of examples where people have taken digital content and made it transferable from one consumer to another. Think of World of Warcraft [and its third-party item sales].

It remains to be seen if GameStop will ever be able to do this, but it would certainly be incredibly convenient, especially in terms of being able to get pricey add-on content at reduced costs.

What do you think of this idea? Will it ever happen, or is GameStop trying to reach for the stars?

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