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EA Denies Reports That It’ll Stop Selling Physical Games in Germany

An EA spokeperson has debunked a report yesterday that said that EA physical games would be discontinued in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It was originally thought that the publisher would be moving to a digital-only model in these three countries due to a financial statement from EA Deutschland which stated that revenue from physical game sales were in decline.

EA physical games will still be sold in the region

In a statement to PSLS via press release, an EA spokesperson has clarified the situation:

We have not stopped physical distribution of our games in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. Players will continue to be able to buy our games from retailers across the region. Recent reports stating otherwise are an inaccurate reflection of disclosures made in EA Germany’s statutory financial statements.

The original author of the report from Games Wirtschaft has also updated its article, though it also mentions that EA “does not address who will be responsible for distributing EA games on data carriers in German-speaking countries in the future.” According to the original article, EA had terminated customer contracts in May 2022 after an “economic restructuring.”

At the very least, fears that EA would soon go digital-only for only regions in Europe have been quelled, for now.