EA hires ex-military personnel for next Battlefield game

Next Battlefield Game Will Be More Realistic Thanks to EA Hiring Veterans

EA’s Ripple Effect Studios is working on a new Battlefield game, though we don’t have a release date or official title yet. However, the publisher announced that it hired two military veterans to improve the game’s authenticity.

What do we know about EA’s next Battlefield?

EA hasn’t revealed much about the next Battlefield game, though its development team is reportedly the series’ largest. The project draws talent from four studios: DICE, Criterion, Motive, and Ripple Effect. The latter recently hired two former military personnel through the Hire Our Heroes program. The development team will use their experience to make the next Battlefield game a more authentic experience.

Battlefield's ex-military developers Aaron Johnson and Madison Daugherty

Madison Daugherty’s military career began as an enlisted military police soldier before becoming a logistics officer and battalion operations officer. She was assigned to the Third Infantry Division, where she was the distribution platoon leader for 30 Blackhawk helicopters. “The best way to describe it is as the most expensive mobile gas station you’ve ever seen,” she explained on EA’s blog.

After a three-month fellowship with EA’s Battlefield team, she joined Ripple Effect as a Product Manager. “I have been able to give good feedback on what realistic military stuff looks like,” Daugherty said. “We’ve put together executive summaries on military realism.”

Meanwhile, Ripple Effect’s new Associate Game Manager, Aaron Johnson, is a former green beret and small unit tactics instructor. Johnson’s career saw him stationed everywhere, from Afghanistan to Japan and many other places. “I was there to manage the assault force and maneuver them on the ground at first,” he explained. “And so, when I was on the other side of that, I was the guy leading the charge somewhere.” Later, as an instructor, Johnson trained soldiers to move, shoot, and provide medical aid in combat.

However, after his long military career, Johnson is just as enthusiastic about game development. “I wanted to be part of the Battlefield team as much as I wanted to be a Green Beret,” he said. “When I got placed on that team, I cried tears of joy.”