Velocity 2X Dual Core DLC Releases This Week on PS4, PS Vita

After launching alongside the Critical Urgency DLC, FuturLab has announced that a new piece of DLC for Velocity 2X, titled Dual Core, will be available later today in North America and tomorrow in Europe.

Priced at £1.99/€2.49/$2.99, Dual Core is cross-buy on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and it includes ten levels. You can check out the above trailer to learn more about Dual Core, but be warned as it contains a gameplay spoiler for anyone who has yet to beat Velocity 2X.

As well, FuturLab MD James Marsden talked a bit about the development of their new game:

When it came to designing the sequel, we knew we couldn’t rest on our laurels, and had to keep the surprises coming. The first idea for the sequel was to include platforming, as that would provide stable ground to expand upon the cool new features introduced by the first game, and it would drive interest for the game once announced. We also knew that being able to fly inside a boss to destroy it from within would be enough to grab people’s attention at release.

However, we also knew it might not be enough to put gigantic smiles on our fans’ faces, and coax those nice big 9s and 10s from reviewers. We needed something special; a whole new surprise that would at once delight, excite and simply MELT a player’s brain.

Don’t have Velocity 2X yet? It’s still free on PlayStation Plus, and will remain that way until the October 2014 PS+ free games go live.

[Source: US PS Blog, EU PS Blog]