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More Spyro Games May be Possible in the Future, Says Insomniac CEO Ted Price

In an interview with IGN, CEO and President of Insomniac Games Ted Price talked about the future of the popular dragon Spryo.

Price talks about Activision’s resurrection of Spyro through Skylanders, and how that game has “got the same aesthetic, the same broad appeal” as the original Spyro games. As for making another Spyro-specific game, Price isn’t sure if that will happen, but isn’t ruling out the possibility for it either.

We’ll always love Spyro. I’ve learned to say never say never so… who knows?

The first game to feature Spyro came out way back in 1998 for the PlayStation. Since then, numerous other titles in the franchise have been made, including Activision’s The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, which came out on a number of platforms, including the PS3.

Would you like to see another Spyro game? Which one is your favorite?

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