Bungiet.net & Destiny Companion App Updated

October 1, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Along with the latest update to Destiny today, Bungie also updated Bungie.net and the Destiny companion app, issuing bug fixes, forum enhancements, and refinements to the Grimoire.

Here’s what’s been changed:

Major Changes

  • Grimoire Update: It is easier to review cards and see your in-game bonus progress
  • Help section has been updated to make it easier to search for articles and browse for newly resolved issues

Notable Fixes

  • Clan names now appear in game for accounts set to private on Bungie.net
  • Raid Advisor now shows weekly boss progress
  • Forum topics replied to by a Mentor or Bungie Employee now display a badge
  • Page loading in Internet Explorer is no longer slow for AJAX pages
  • Sign-in will keep you on the page you were browsing
  • Group Probation message displays the appropriate times
  • Team scores are available for team-based games
  • The Tower will now more correctly indicate vendors with whom you have business

With the update to their site, Bungie says, “If you are having trouble signing into Bungie.net, clearing your cookies and/or cache from your browser can help. Check your options and security settings in your browser to locate, clean up, and clear out your cookies and cache.” You can find specific browser details over here.

Bungie also made significant progress on some of the errors that have been happening in Destiny since launch:

While we can’t provide an ETA for the resolution of your specific situation, we can tell you that we made great strides this past week and even reduced the number of BEE/FLY/LION errors that players hit by 50%. Again, that isn’t a guarantee that your particular situation has improved, but it is a promise that we are hard at work trying to make things better for players.

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