H-Hour: World’s Elite Might Take Its Time to Hit PS4

October 3, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


It looks like SOF Studios needs a little more time to develop their upcoming military shooter H-Hour: World’s Elite for the PlayStation 4.

In a recent Twitter post, SOF noted that the game will be coming out on PC first, and then they will begin work on a PS4 version. This could mean that their expected January 2015 release date could be delayed to a later point in time.

H-Hour was originally funded via Kickstarter and seeks to bring players a team-based, multiplayer experience. The game will feature a campaign mode as well, although it is not expected to be playable when the game releases. Instead, it will come out as separate DLC.

Will you be picking up a copy of H-Hour when it gets released? Did you help fund it on Kickstarter?

[Source: SOF Studios (Twitter)]