Destiny Secret Area Called “Terminus” Found in Venus, Watch How It’s Done

It looks like another secret area in Destiny has been found, and this time it’s on Venus.

This new area, called the Terminus, can only be accessed by using a gravity lift from the Juncture. It requires a lot of jumping, and it might only be accessible by using the Gunslinger’s triple jump ability. Nowise10 appears to be using the ability in the video, so you’ll have to go out there and let us know if other classes can access this area, too.

Essentially, the area is just a bunch of unfinished, blocky platforms, but it is presumed that this area will be fleshed out in an upcoming DLC, the first of which comes out in December

Have you managed to find this secret area in Destiny? Have you found any other secrets in the game? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: VG247]