Destiny Loot Stairs is a Real Thing, Watch to Know Where This New Farming Spot Is

Apparently, people will go to any means just to farm glimmer and engrams in Destiny. While Bungie has seemingly neutered one of the most famous Destiny farming spots, people are finding new areas to squat and rake in all those loot.

In the video above, the Destiny “loot stairs” has been found where once again, gamers can repeatedly kill enemies in a rather easy manner and wait for those engrams to drop. It’s once again located in the Cosmodrome and well, go check it out now before Bungie blocks it off.

In related news, the Iron Banner PvP event is still on-going and we’ve listed down every item you can earn in it. Also of note, there’s another hidden area you can traverse to, but it requires some tricky jumping.

Are you still farming engrams in Destiny? Or should players get these the normal way?

[Source: MinistryOfGeeks (YouTube) via Polygon]