DICE: Battlefield 4 Launch “Absolutely” Damaged Player Trust

While Battlefield 4 still managed to sell a ton of copies even though it had a rather rocky launch, EA CEO Andrew Wilson deems what happened “unacceptable” and even changed their development process to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

Now, in a recent interview, DICE Producer David Sirland admits that the shooter’s bug-riddled launch “absolutely” damaged the trust gamers had in the franchise.

I can absolutely say that we lost [player] trust in the game’s launch and the early parts of the year…We still probably have a lot of players who won’t trust us to deliver a stable launch or a stable game. I don’t want to say anything because I want to do. I want them to look at what we’re doing and what we are going to do and that would be my answer. I think we have to do things to get them to trust us, not say things to get them to trust us. Show by doing.

In case you’re wondering, Sirland thinks Battlefield Hardline won’t suffer BF4’s fate due to the beta that rolled out earlier this year.  For the franchise’s sake, let’s hope that rings true. Thankfully, the most recent update seems to have made BF4 a whole lot better — at least from what I played over the weekend.

Do you think BF4’s launch soured the franchise to many Battlefield vets? Or was it only a vocal minority who had issues with the game? 

[Source: GameSpot via GamesIndustry]